Featured Photos - Photographer: Jamie Crannell

Haybails, green grass and blue skies

I was taking a bike ride to Denton, to do a little Ingressing, and had to stop a few times along the way just to take in the beauty of it all! I really do love this life on the shore.

Note: This shot was taken with a camera phone.

Hoopers Island ride

It was a magnificent Sunday morning and I was itching to get out and ride. A long & leisurely scenic ride was in the air and nothing else would do! Today, I chose Hooper's Island.

Hooper's Island photos by Jamie Crannell - LifeOnTheShore.com
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Hooper's Island is about an hour long drive from my home and has very smooth, gently curvaceous roads all the way to the end. The scenery changes from mile to mile, bringing you the beauty of full lush forests to Cattail covered marshlands.. trees in late decay from an ever rising sea level, creeks and mudbanks crawling with various critters, most with shells, some without, like birds, fish, beavers, raccoon, a fox or two and several dozen deer.

The further you get out from the mainland, the more signs make themselves prevalent that this is a waterman's world. Over here a few dozen crab pots stacked up, all baited and ready for work. Over there an energetic fellow working on his trolling rig, next to him a pair of seasoned veterans on boat maintenance duty. An egret making his way through the salt water grasses, picking up a critter or three for his breakfast before a flash of white feathers, blindingly bright in the morning sun, announces his spritely take off into the warm and salty sea breeze.

I've not long been home and already I want to go back.

Life On The Shore

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