Ingress Obsidian Win - MD DE ENL Recharge Room

For the final anomaly of the Ingress Obsidian series, the nearest primary site was Orlando Florida. Over 1300km away, most of us locals could not make it down. Since we still wanted to help our team (Go Enlightened!), agent Zombpika decided to hold a "Recharge Room". Various Ingress agents traveling along the east coast delivered portal keys from the anomaly site portals to our, and several others', recharge rooms. This allowed us to recharge those portals remotely, helping our team to keep the ones we needed to keep.

I started off the day with an hour and a half bike ride, most of which was in the rain, to get to our designated meeting place. Thank you agent Kshthymyla for generously allowing us to use your home as our base. As our team arrived and got our devices plugged in and ready for a long day's battle, agents Zombpika and Torrejon84 divvied out keys to everyone. Agent Synspheonix set his laptop up for intel and bluetooth speaker to broadcast our Zello channel to the room. And then... it began.

As critical portals were called out, those with a key to them would begin frantically recharging. Everyone else would recharge any portals they had keys to in the field, keeping them green so the critical portals didn't stand out and attract extra attention. Over the course of the day, shard after shard after shard came flying in to our target portals.

We enjoyed the day sharing company with good people, feasting on delicious yummies, and laughing heartily time and time again. When all was said and done, Enlightened had won the event 50 to 2 over the Resistance. We all cheered and shouted, took a group picture, and headed out to upgrade and hack some local portals.