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There are many churches in the mid-shore region, with a wide variety of architecture.

Below ground floor was completely remodeled by Alphy Thibeault

Thibeault & Thibeault Contracting

Sailing is extremely popular in our area, and every year in October there is a schooner rendezvous in Cambridge, Maryland.

Old Trinity Church is a historic church and cemetery located near Church Creek, Maryland.

We recently made a quick day trip to Oxford, Maryland to take a walk and some photos.

Trap Pond is one of my favorite parks for a day trip or for camping.

Cherry Beach is a small hidden beach on the Nanticoke River, under the Sharptown Bridge.

Frazier's Chapel was originally built in 1765 in Preston, MD and includes an historic cemetery located behind the current Bethesda United

Linchester Mill is a historic grist mill located at Preston in Caroline County, Maryland, United States.

I uploaded this video after I saw a news article about people being afraid to drive across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland.

These are some vintage photos of the area from my Grandmother's collection.

Some of my favorite photos of the historic town of East New Market.

A nice walk down a path through the trees, with a view of the river and the bridge, and a couple of beaches to pick from and explore.

I feel lucky to live near a historic town, which still has many of its old buildings.