Stress Relief

Posted by Debbie on Tuesday, August 4, 2020 - 14:50

As I am sure with what most of us have just gone through with this tropical storm, I am at the moment experiencing a bit of calm and marvel. The electricity has been restored and that much needed cup of coffee is in my hand. Ah!
As I gazed upon the welcome sunshine I noticed a myriad of hungry dragon flies in my back yard. I suppose they are thanking God as well that the storm is over. I am amazed as I watch the acrobatics of several of God's creatures chasing what is likely their breakfast as well. As I watch them soar, dive in a circular fashion to catch their meal, it brings a smile to my face. The epiphany strikes me that this storm has affected much more than that cup of coffee; it has affected every living creature in Isaias' path.
It also reminds me that God, in his infinite wisdom, provides for each and every creation He has created, especially us human ones. God loves us beyond description and, I would guess he says, "I've got this" . In essence knowing He is always there right beside me, especially in the darkest times, He is my stress relief.