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welcome to my website, it is currently has no official content.
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Today, 6/4-5/16, i made a 404 page, a 403 page, and a Technical Support page( email is still a little buggy though). But overall, this was a very productive session. leave any feature requests in the comments below.

fixed it (truck)

failed unit
fixed unit

I fixed the overhead console on this Mercury Mountaineer (1999). the entire unit was no longer functional. The lights simply had some corroded contacts, but the compass unit was more complicated. I had to take it completely apart, and resolder 2 resistors. Then, I put everything together and installed it, and it was fully functional.

My Blog

Hi, this is my blog, I just enabled the module, and it works

Well done!

Alex has successfully installed and configured his own Drupal installation! Call me Impressed :P

I am sure there will be many cool things to come. Congratulations Alex,you have gained a level!

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